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VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is ideally suited for any-sized business here in NZ. VoIP business phone systems work over your broadband internet connection. Given that telecommunications infrastructure providers (like Chorus) are not replacing the old copper networks as they fail, sooner or later your business will need to use VoIP.

Easy Transition

At CT Phone we make the transition easy for your business by managing the whole process of provisioning and migrating your business's old legacy communications systems to the new digital world.

No Long Term Contracts

Unlike the large Telcos we don't lock our customers into long term contracts, nor do we limit the amount of data you consume.

What We Offer

Our Products

VOIP Phone Systems for Business

Aside from significant cost savings, one of the biggest benefits of cloud based VOIP business phone systems is that you can make and answer calls for your business from anywhere that you have a data connection. Including smart-phones. 0800 and International numbers are available, and of course you can move your existing numbers and DDI's to the VOIP Service.

Video Conferencing

In these days of the Modern Workplace and Work From Home employees,Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet etc. are very commonplace business communication tools. In addition to the above systems our Cloud VoIP solutions also feature Video Conferencing capabilities. Maybe your business would like us to setup a video conference room for your business?

Fast Fibre Internet

So that we don't suffer contention issues and an overloaded customer service desk, we only supply our Fast Fibre Internet to business customers. All our plans are for "uncapped data" and are as fast as we can get for your area. There is NO "FREE" Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney etc. We also supply a proper router (modem) with far greater security capabilities than those provided by the Telco's that service the domestic residential market.


get Connected

Solutions designed to meet your needs, to get you connected and to keep you connected

Remote Workers and Office Employees


Employees that have computer intensive roles, like to use headsets so that their hands are free for the keyboard and mouse etc.

In these situations there is no need for a conventional style desk phone in order to use VoIP. Work hands free from the free softphone on your desktop or laptop. We have a full range of Headsets, (Wired, Wireless and Bluetooth) to suit your needs.

Cloud PBX


Our VoIP PBX systems are typically hosted in the cloud for reasons of Cost Effectiveness, Security, Updates, Backup, Uptime, Flexibility, System Management Support and Anywhere or Multi-Location Access. On-Premise solutions are also available, however these are not in great favour in today's Modern Workplace.

Conference Rooms


Many firms work in a Hybrid style of office, with both in-office and work from home employees. At the office a conference room is commonly setup for the in-office portion to facilitate meetings with the remote workers, suppliers and clients. Typically in a meeting room would need a Large Screen, Speaker Phone and Camera appropriate for the room size of your organisation. 

Phone Options

There are many ways to connect with our Unified Communications Platform options.

From the more traditional Desk and DECT Phones, to the newer Wireless phones, through to Desktop (Windows and Mac) apps and mobile based apps. 

There is a connectivity option for everyone.

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